March 14, 2009

A & E Fabric, Variety & Craft Store

There is a wonderful fabric store in Pensacola that you would probably miss if you were to drive right by it. The name of this enchanted place had been A&E Pharmacy. When I looked up the telephone number recently, I noticed several divisions listed: A&E Fabric, Variety & Craft Store; A&E Pharmacy; and A&E Appliance Center. All are located in a small, old-fashioned strip shopping center. (You could save a lot of time if you ever need to pick up some thread, your Zoloft prescription, and a new washing machine!) The fabric department has grown over the years, but has not pushed out the crafts section where, in addition to crafty items, they sell Mardi Gras and other seasonal decorations.

The ladies who work in the fabric department are gems. They're always goofing on each other (in a good-natured way), and always laughing while they're cutting fabric. Here are pictures of three of the ladies -- Liz and Tovah (top), and Ann (bottom). There are more, but they weren't working the day I took these pictures. I'll be sure to catch them later, though. I spend a lot of my lunch hours there!

And here's a small sample of what you'll see when you visit the store.

The fabrics on the bolt are all discounted by 10 percent. Or 15 percent. I can't remember! There is usually a color of the month that is discounted at least 25 percent. When I was there last week, all the 2007 Moda fabrics were discounted 40 percent! If the fabrics have been around for a while, they're placed on the discount table or flat-fold table. If you've never been there, or if you're planning a trip to the Pensacola area, go by and hang out with them. I know you'll have a great time.


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I think I've been there before! And we'll be going to Pensacola to visit our new GD soon, so I'll be sure to go again! Can't wait!!

liloca, liloquinha said...

Estes tecidos de Moda são maravilhosos, pena que aqui no Brasil são muito caros.

ella*monde said...

Just moved from the sad. Can't wait until vacation in June so I can get my shop on. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, I've lived nearby for 12 years and been up and down New Warrington, and have never noticed! I'll be visiting them next week!

VIc said...

My cousin in Chumuckla,FL founded A&E Pharmacy after WWII. His son runs it now and this part of the business has really taken off in the last 10 years. A&E had a consistent reputation among the locals as the 'go to place' for good prices and products ... even after the mega store competition came to be.

Gayle Millet said...

I just visited the store this past weekend. It is wonderful. I bought some unique fabric for several projects. The employees are absolutely great. They helped me and were very friendly. I love the store and plan to return as soon as possible to shop some more. You will be in for a treat is you visit this fabric store.

Deb T said...

I was at A%E Pharmacy on Monday this week. The last few years my sister has been living in Gulf Breeze and when I visit from Michigan, we always make a point to stop there. Liz and Tovah took good care of us as always. I took home lots of strips this year and was glad to get them all in my suitcase. Last year I had to carry some in my small bag and boy was that heavy to haul around the airports. Thanks, ladies!! see you next fall! :)

Kathy Saxon said...

I just went today on my way home from the beach. I loved it. I think my quilting buddies and I will made a road trip (about a 5 hr drive). Everyone was so nice and lots of beautiful fabrics and great notions.