August 30, 2009

Still Cutting

There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on around here, but my rotary cutter and I have been doing some serious work. I'm cutting 2 1/2" strips for several new projects. These are 1930s reproduction prints (and a few look-alikes) that I'll be using for a sweet, happy little quilt.
These fabrics came from Randi's Etsy shop, Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics. If you haven't been there, hop over and take a look. She has some very interesting and colorful fabrics. My quilts were beginning to look alike, so I decided to work with something radically different from my usual fabrics. These prints are so much fun!
And these would be my "usual" fabrics. These are a few of my all-time absolute favorites. What do you know? Turns out that my favorite color really IS brown!

Hope you're having a great weekend!