September 29, 2013

Martingale's Quilt Calendar 2014

The sweet folks at Martingale told me a while back that one of my quilts would be featured in the 2014 Quilt Calendar.  I had completely forgotten about it until it came in the mail.  I stopped what I was doing (can't remember what that was now, but it probably wasn't important), and looked through it, admiring all the beautiful quilts.  The photography is so amazing.  You can see the stitches in most of these quilts. 

Each month, a different quilt is featured from one of Martingale's books.  You can visit Martingale's website and click on the gallery to see all the featured quilts.
Not only will you find lots of gorgeous quilts inside, you'll also find complete instructions for making all twelve quilts!  There are designs by Amy Ellis, Audrie Bidwell, Cheryl Brown, Darra Williamson, Jill Finley, Jolene Klassen, Julie Herman, Kim Diehl, Rebecca Silbaugh, Sally Schneider, and Sue Pfau.  And me.  You can find me in July. 
July's quilt is "Triple Star" from my book, Scrap-Basket Beauties

Don't forget to check out the gallery.  And while you're at it, you can find out more about the contributors by visiting their websites/blogs.

Hope you have a great week!