May 21, 2010

706 West Bridge Street

I'm always the last to know stuff.  I opened Google Reader to visit my favorite blogs, and I saw oodles of these little buttons.  If you want to find out what this is all about, you'll have to go to Amy's blog.  And while you're there, you might as well play along. 

The quilt I'm sharing lives with my mother now.  My friend Karen and I went nuts when Moda announced its challenge in 2004.  (Remember the tin box full of the yummy neutral fabrics?)  We each made quilts to enter in separate categories.  Karen entered her quilt in the most creative category, and I went with the most Moda fabrics category.  I just knew there wasn't a person on the planet who owned more Moda fabric than me.  Turns out there are plenty!   


When I counted the fabrics I used in this quilt, there were 706.  The street number of my childhood home.  So I named it 706 West Bridge Street in honor of my mom who taught me to sew, and my dad who loved working in his garden. 

The half-square triangle units are two inches, and the squares in the checkerboard border are one inch.

I used freezer-paper applique' and stitched the motifs by hand.

This is the last quilt that I hand-quilted.

Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Now hurry on over to Amy's and tell us about one of your quilts!

Have a great weekend!

May 15, 2010

Bad Kim

I've been a little absent lately.  Way too many things going on all at once.  Finishing a new book, starting a new job (same firm, different position), visiting my mother and my mother-in-law, and slowly getting around to doing a little yard work.  This kind of yard work:

I've managed to squeeze in a few minutes for sewing.  My friend Karen asked me if I wanted to make a pineapple quilt.  I said, "Sure, whatever."  Only Karen thinks I said, "Yippee!  I've always wanted to make a pineapple quilt!  Can we start today?!"  (Okay, so Karen's recollection is a little more accurate.)  And now I'm knee-deep in brightly-colored strips.

Karen and I have been sharing strips since neither of us have tons of bright fabrics.   This is my first and only block, but I'm hoping to find a little free time soon.   Fingers crossed.

Hope all of you are doing well.  I'll be by to visit soon!