April 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

Sorry for my absence lately.  You know how it is, right?  When real life takes over, there isn't much time to play.  The "thing" that has been causing me a lot of stress at work has been moved to later this fall.  I'll be hyperventilating then, but for now I have a nice long weekend to relax and hopefully work on something fun. 

Since I haven't been sewing lately, I thought I would share some pictures that some lovely people have shared over at the Scrap-Basket Group.  Just click on the links below to see each of the quilts.  Enjoy!

Scrap-Basket Group Photos

1. Nova, 2. Island Chain , 3. Over and Under, 4. Misty (from A Little Tangy), 5. Sprouting Pinwheels (from Pinwheel), 6. Scrap-Basket Paddlewheel, 7. Bali Sea Star, 8. Barbed Wire, 9. modified from Bali Sea Star, 10. Jenn's Christmas (from Summer Breeze), 11. Mocha Remix (from Kitchen Sink), 12. Spinning Bali Sea Star (modified from Bali Sea Star), 13. Pinwheel, 14. Kitchen Sink, 15. Snail Takes a Detour, 16. Over and Under, 17. Past and Present, 18. Cheryl's Snail Takes a Detour, 19. Cottage Miagia (from Beach Cottage), 20. Miagia (from Summer Breeze)

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