May 24, 2018

Hello There

So I was cleaning out my sewing room when I ran across an envelope that felt like it was stuffed with fabric scraps or leftover pieces from a project.  I gasped when I opened the envelope and saw the little signature blocks from a swap hosted by MelissaIn 2009!  These blocks were all made with Civil War reproduction fabrics. 

Seeing all these blocks after such a long time made me wonder if anyone else had neglected to piece their blocks together.  And if all the people who made these blocks are still quilting or have taken up golfing or sculpting instead.  I had such a strong feeling of nostalgia thinking about all the connections and friendships that resulted from blogging and sharing my love of quilting.   I've been able to stay in touch with a lot of you on Instagram, even though there are times that I fall behind there, too.  So I came here to see if my blog was still live.

The first link I clicked on was broken.  Links I had on Instagram and other places that directed people to my blog didn't work, either -- there was a sketchy security certificate, whatever that is.  My last book was never added to my sidebar.  My photo is way outdated -- I'm old and fat now.  Seriously.  Hot flashes and all that.  And I had forgotten how to update things.  So I spent a little time doing some housekeeping.  I still have some things to update and passwords to remember, but I was finally able to end up on this page.  I think I'll start hanging out here again.

If you're reading this, and one of these blocks is yours, I'd love to hear from you.  Did you make your quilt?  Or would you like to grab your unfinished blocks and sew along with me?  I'm pretty sure I still have some of the fabrics that were used in these blocks!  I'll be working on a layout that I'll share as soon as I can.  Until then, thanks for visiting.