June 9, 2013

Evening Star Quilt Guild

Last weekend, I had the privilege of teaching two workshops for the Evening Star Quilt Guild, the same guild that hosted the Quilt Symposium of Alabama in 2012.  (You can read about that here.)  What a fantastic group of people!  I was missing all of them about ten minutes after I left.  I tried to snap pictures of everyone's projects, but it looks like I missed quite a few.

Everybody's busy working here.  Well, hello there, Sandra!

Terry was looking especially cute with her matching quilt project, flip flops, and two-color pedicure.  I'm sure she wanted to kick me when I took this picture under her table.  :-)


I really love it when people change up things and head off in a totally different direction.  Judy used part of her units to make the blocks in the top picture below, then used the sashing strips for a border.  Mancy arranged her Irene's Vexation blocks on point.  And Kathi worked on Peaks and Valleys in a really scrappy arrangement using fabric she cut from men's shirts.   (By the way, the three of you created a monster with that whole men's shirt thing.)
Ginny (left) attended my Flowers for Nana Girl class at Quilt Symposium of Alabama, and she brought along her finished quilt to share.  Isn't it beautiful?  And Ella (right) was sewing Sanctuary blocks so fast my head was spinning.
These are quilts from Scrap-Basket Beauties thrown over chairs at the workshops.  I decided not to leave them in the car overnight, and I wondered what the desk clerk thought when he saw me dragging quilts into the hotel.  Should have told him I get really cold at night. 

Susan used Legos to make a baby Bernina for my big Bernina.  Cute, huh?

She also made this invitation to the guild's retreat.  The quilt is a little over an inch and a half, and the clothespins are an inch long.  I can't imagine the patience it took to make this sweet card.  (The glue is actually invisible, but for some reason it wants to be noticed in this photo.)

Thank you all so much for a super weekend.  It was really great to see all of you again.  Hugs!