March 29, 2013

Book Signing at A&E

Last weekend, A&E Fabric, Variety & Craft Store helped me celebrate the release of my new book by hosting a book signing and trunk show.  I wish all of you could have been there becaue we had so much fun.  Since you couldn't make it, I'm sharing lots of pictures. 
I had a lot of help with the quilts in Scrap-Basket Beauties.  My friend Karen pieced and quilted two quilts for the book, and my friend Nancy quilted ten of the quilts that I pieced.  As if all they did wasn't enough, I also forced asked them to sign books, too.  Apparently, they couldn't find anything better to do on a Saturday morning, so they agreed.  Here we are with Rhonda, pretending to be hard at work. 
A&E is closer to where I work than to where I live, so I like to shop and hang out there during my lunch hour.  If you go there around noon, you'll likely see me walking around mesmerized and running over people with my shopping cart.  These are the people who cut my fabric, help me choose borders, know exactly where to find everything, and make me laugh.  Tovah, Martha, Ollie, and Veronica.   
And here's Liz (pink blouse) sitting with Nancy, Karen, and me.  Liz makes the others behave (or tries her best) and orders everything for the fabric department. 
Here's my friend Karen (a/k/a Nana Girl).  
I can't remember if I've ever told you how I know Karen.  (If I have, feel free to skip past this part!)  Karen and I worked at the same law firm for 12 years.  Most days, instead of going out for lunch, we would work on quilts together.  After four years or so, our firm moved to a different building.  There was an empty office, so we filled it with quilting tools, sewing machines, a design wall, an iron, an ironing board, and even a small stash of fabric.  We had so much fun together working on projects, cutting, pressing, and sewing.  Our firm's telephone directory listed a telephone extension for the "Sewing Room."  We accomplished a lot, an hour at a time.  We no longer work at the same firm, but she's only a couple of blocks away. 
And here's Nancy. 
I met Nancy when she set up her longarm business at A&E.  She has a machine at work and a machine at home.  I think she has separation anxiety when she leaves one behind.  Nancy saved my life.  Maybe literally.  I was extremely behind in finishing the sample quilts for the book.  Nancy agreed to quilt "a few" of the sample quilts, and ended up quilting ten!  I would pick up one quilt and deliver another quilt top to her every few days.  I still can't believe she didn't run like the wind when she saw me coming.  I'm so glad she didn't, because she did a fabulous job on my quilts.  If you're anywhere near Pensacola and need a quilter, please let me know and I'll be happy to give you her contact information.  She's really good at choosing quilting designs that enhance the design of the quilt.  Like this one.
This is the back of Perpetual Motion.  I'm crazy about this free-hand modified Baptist Fan design.  Just too cool. 
A sweet lady named Wanda had made a few quilts from my first two books, and she brought them to hang in the store.  You'll see them mixed in with some of the sample quilts in these pictures. 


Thank you so very much, Rhonda, Liz, Tovah, Martha, Ollie, Veronica, Wanda, Karen, and Nancy.  And thank you to all of you who sacrificed your Saturday to come by and visit.  It means so much to me.  Hope to run into you at A&E soon.  But hopefully not with my shopping cart. 

March 16, 2013

Happy National Quilting Day!

How are you celebrating?
Me?  More of the same.  Working on another Courthouse Steps quilt.
I think this is my favorite block ever. 

 And growing my stash a little. 

I have a serious dot problem.
I'm also gathering up quilts for a book signing/trunk show/play day at A & E Fabric, Variety & Craft Store in Pensacola next Saturday.  I'll be there from 10:00 to 1:00, or until they kick me out.  Don't laugh -- it's happened before.  I blogged about this magical place a long time ago here.  If you're within driving distance (or maybe have your own helicopter), I'd love for you to drop by and hang out with us.  The quilts from my new book will be on display, and I could use a little help deciding which fabrics to use for my next project.  Hope to see you there!

March 10, 2013


I have a giant one on my UPS dude, and this bundle of happiness he left at my door. 

I'm digging the camera prints.  How fun!

2WENTY-THR3E, by Eric and Julie Comstock (a/k/a Cosmo Cricket) for Moda. 
Have a great week!

March 5, 2013

Scrap-Basket Beauties

I'm thrilled to tell you that it's available today!  Like right now!  If you visit Martingale's blog today, you could win your very own copy.  While you're there, you can see a special slide show of all the quilts in the book, and maybe pick up a few tips for cutting 2 1/2" strips to make your own Scrap-Basket Beauties.  And if you don't have copies of my first two books, you can pick them up at 40% off until March 11.  Isn't Martingale the best?

You're still here?  You should be HERE instead.
Have a super week!