August 25, 2010

Really Fun Weekend

I took a little break to teach a class at (and recover from!) the Azalea City Quilters' Guild Retreat in Mobile, Alabama.  We worked on the Monkey Business quilt from Scrap-Basket Surprises.  There were monkeys everywhere!  Some of the members worked on other projects that I threatened to sneak  into my suitcase.  They're such a talented and fun bunch of quilters that I decided to join their guild just to be able to attend their UFO retreat in January!  (I pretty much invited myself, but they didn't argue about it, so I'm going.)  Joan and Karen did a fabulous job of coordinating the retreat, and continued to work hard throughout the weekend making sure that everyone had a good time.  

As if the retreat itself wasn't enough fun, my friend Karen went along with me, too!  She was able to finish three projects while we were there.  I tried to snap a picture of everyone's projects, but it seems I missed a couple.  If you'd like to see pictures from the retreat, get comfortable and click HERE

Thank you so much, ladies, for inviting me.  I hope you had as much fun as I had.  I look forward to seeing all of you again!


August 14, 2010

Bernina Love

Thank you so much for all your kind comments about my sick kitty last week.  He's home from the kitty hospital now and seems to be doing well.  This weekend my machine is in the shop for servicing, so I'm trying to talk myself into cleaning up my sewing room.  It's shocking.  Seriously.  

When I dropped off my machine, I talked to my Bernina Dude about this.
She's really pretty, and does lots of cool stuff.   On the other hand, I think if I were to pay that much for a machine, I should be able to drive it to work.  And I don't need a new machine.  But she is on sale.  Can you hear the conversation in my head?

Thinking about a new machine has me wondering about other brands, too.  What machine do you use?  Do you love it or hate it?  What are your favorite features?  So many questions, I know.  But if you feel strongly either way about a particular machine, I'd love to know about it.   

Have a good weekend!


August 8, 2010

Weekend Stuff

There hasn't been a lot of time for playing lately, and I'm beginning to get cranky.  Sometimes new fabric is just the thing to make me a nice person again. 

I've been gathering some of my 2 1/2" strips for a new project.  I hope it turns out close to the way I pictured it in my head.  If so, I'll be doing a tutorial here.  These are some of the fabrics I'm thinking of using.

This little guy was in the kitty hospital last week.  We brought him home yesterday afternoon, but ended up taking him to the emergency clinic late last night.  Hopefully he'll be back home soon -- I won't even make a fuss when I find him in my basket of scraps.

Have a terrific week!