August 22, 2018

Civil War Reproduction Block Swap

When I last posted here, I had found an envelope full of signature blocks from a swap hosted by Melissa in 2009.  I intended to share a few layouts with you before sewing the blocks together, but I've had issues with Blogger that I'm hoping have been resolved.  In the meantime, I've been working on this little quilt, using blocks that were made from people all over the United States and beyond. 

It didn't take long to choose a layout.  I knew I wanted a zig-zaggy outer edge, so I arranged that first in EQ8.  Then I arranged the next rows to match the direction of the outer row ending up with an "X" in the center. 

Some of the blocks were a little wonky, but I thought I could fuss with the seam allowances when I sewed them together.  My rows started looking a little wonky, too, so I trimmed all the blocks to measure 3 1/4" instead of 3 1/2".  There were five blocks left over -- these were a little lighter than the rest of the blocks, so I'll probably applique them to the back of the quilt.  The fabrics I used for the inner border and binding aren't Civil War reproduction prints, but I was in the mood to finish the quilt, so I grabbed these from my stash.  They're older Brannock and Patek prints that I still love. 

As is always the case when I photograph a quilt, Psycho Kitty was right in the middle of things. 

Hope you have a great week!



Jocelyn said...

How cool is that! Love how the quilt turned out.

Vickie Lewis said...

Love how it turned out and seeing fabrics from the 2009 repo material. Love CW fabrics!

Karen said...

I remember making signature blocks like these but I don't think it was for this swap. Took you a while to make use of your blocks but they have made a special memory for you.

Jeanna said...

Oh I saw this first on IG and fell in love with it. Such a special project. I'm happy you finished it and shared.

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