October 8, 2018

Winners of the Scrap-Basket Bounty blog celebration drawings

Sorry, folks.  I intended to post the winners this weekend, but five drawings at one time is a little more time-consuming that I thought it would be.  I appreciate every single one of you who visited and left a sweet comment.  All of you are so awesome. 

If you posted one of the comments above, please shoot me an e-mail (link in my profile) with your mailing address.  (Sorry about the cell phone picture and kindergarten artwork -- I finished cutting comments for drawing on my lunch hour and wanted to notify you as quickly as possible.)  Congratulations, Jaynie, Barb, Vivian, Mary, and Cindy!  Thanks so much for visiting. 



Sheila said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Vivian said...

Thanks so much for the win Kim!! Really looking forward to the book to my "Scrap Baskets" collection and batting is always a welcome addition to the stash! Congrats to all the other winners too!!

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